Is today a school day?

Have you seen those TV ads where a set of parents smile brightly as they drop their wards off to school, the kids in turn wave back and hop and skip through the shiny doors? Well, our 4 year old is the exact opposite!  She has been going to school for the past two years but still, every morning starts with the question “is today a school day?” Every day it’s the same routine at school drop off — a forced smile, eyes brimming with tears and a little hand holding on to me for as long as possible. It is heartbreaking.

I can’t help but wonder do we really need to send such young children to school? What can possibly go wrong if they learn their ABCs at the age of 7 instead of 4? School systems, learning age, cognitive development etc. have to be understood before I get an answer to my question. Till then, I have been on the lookout for books to help my little one get comfortable with school. 

Here are some of the highly recommended reading for kids who are going to start their “big school”:

1)      Preschool, Here I Come! By David J Stenberg

This book is part of the “Here I Come” series and contains funny silly rhymes that preschools are sure to enjoy. It celebrates all the firsts that children experience when they go to preschool – from saying goodbye to parents to finding their little space in the class to following school rules.

2)      Monkey Not Ready For Kindergarten By Marc Brown

I have heard this from many parents – their children worry a lot about what would happen if they made a mistake at school. This is an excellent book that deals with this sort of anxiety. Monkey is fearful about all the things that could go wrong at school, but as his concerns are addressed one by one, he starts to get excited about his school!

3)      School’s First Day of School By Adam Rex

This fun book talks about the first day of school from a very unique perspective – It is not just the children who are nervous but in this book the school itself is having first- day jitters! Will the children like the school? Will they be nice? It is a lovely book that comforts the children with the thought that they are not alone in feeling nervous.  

4)      The Kissing Hand By Audrey Penn

This book is a classic. It deals with the fear of separation. This story is about Chester Raccoon who does not want to go to school and then his mother shares a secret to make him feel reassured of her love and a way to feel safe and warm while he is away. This book is widely used by teachers in pre-schools and kindergarten.

5)      Llama Llama Misses Mama By Anna Dewdney

The Llama Llama series is fairly popular with young kids. This book is about a llama who is going to school for the first time and the various emotions that he experiences – from missing his mother to making new friends.  The book ends with little llama’s mother picking him at the end of the day and helps in making children understand that in the end they would always go back home to their mommy and daddy.   

Have you read any of these books? Did they help you? On that note, have you checked the “libraries” listed on our website? I honestly did not know there were so many awesome libraries in Delhi NCR.  Do check out a library near you and tell us about your visit.

As always, do share your thoughts on this post and if you have any other book recommendations for the first day of school.

It is almost time to pick up my child from school. No matter how difficult morning drop-offs are, it is always lovely to have your toddler come running to you at the end of the day.

See you again very soon.


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  1. Rashmi


    Hi Shobha,

    Thank you for the above references, I have tried “The kissing Hand” & “Llama Llama Misses Mama” and they do work! There are a few more things which I did, when my daughter refused to go to school:

    1) Talking to her night before the school – This really helped me finding out why she didn’t want to go to school. After talking to her I realized that she was missing Mom and Dad at school.

    2) Family picture in her backpack – Try this! It does work. I gave her a family picture which she kept in her folder.


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