Let the Games Begin!

It’s Diwali time!! My favourite part of the entire year. Sweets, shopping, gifts, rangolis, traditional clothes, Laxmi puja, cards, flower decorations, diyas – it’s a mystery how we manage all of this in such little time. Perhaps it is the ‘family time’ that charges us up. I love how an entire family pitches in and works together for this festival of lights. My favourite childhood memories of Diwali are those of helping my mother make besan laddoos in the kitchen and helping in lighting diyas all over the house. Each diya was my responsibility – I had to check if the lamps had enough oil, if they were lit properly – the huge responsibility of spreading light, rested on my little shoulders!

And then we had the Diwali get-togethers, long celebratory evenings where we could stay up super late, eat all the sweets we wanted and dance around in our pretty lehengas. Have you planned your Diwali party yet? For grown-ups a game of teen patti is all you need, but what games would the kids be playing?

Here are some suggestions to make your baccha party’s Diwali even more awesome:

1) Tambola – No Diwali party is complete without a tense game of Tambola? Those loud laughs at silly statements like ‘Get up and run, 3 and 1, 31 ‘ are sure to be a hit with the kids. Don’t forget to order the game ahead of time.

2) Sorting out dry fruits – What do you do with all the dry fruit gift bags that you get on Diwali? Make a game out of it! Mix some dry fruits in bowls, blind fold the kids and let them sort the fruits. Whoever has the best ‘sorted’ pile wins a massive dry fruit gift hamper!

3)  Make a creative rangoli – The kids have to think out of the box for this one! You can grab some colourful Legos and get the kids to create rangoli patterns using them. You will be surprised with what they come up with. For another colourful option, you can use Play-Doh, let the kids make a rangoli out of the fun dough – it is an easy mess free way of getting kids involved with some Diwali decoration! And the best part – you can keep a Lego or a Play-Doh rangoli anywhere in the house as part of decoration!

4) Antakshari for kids – We often play Antakshari with nursery rhymes for kids. Give them a word and they have to sing a rhyme that contains that word. Next team can pick any word from the previous rhyme and sing a rhyme that contains that word.

5) Simple card games – My favourite is the one where you divide a regular pack of playing cards between 3-4 players. Each player throws a card without seeing. If a player throws a card which has the same number as the last card then that player gets to take all the cards that were thrown. Continue playing until one person gets all the cards.

6) Uno – Uno is such a fun game. Strategy and luck together! Have an Uno tournament for your kids – different teams, semi-finals and finals. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

7) Making ethnic jewellery – Get a store-bought jewellery kit. These can keep kids busy for hours! Let them make some jhumkas or necklaces and let them set up shop in the corner of your living room. Grown-ups who visit can purchase this ‘exclusive’ handcrafted jewellery. Kids also deserve some hard-earned ‘laxmi’ in their life on Diwali.

8) Treasure Hunt – Can there ever be a fun party without letting kids run around a bit! For your next Diwali party, hide a few stickers of laddoos or Laxmi’s feet all over the house. Let the kids hunt for them, who gets the most stickers gets an extra real laddoo!

So, there you go! For your next Diwali party, you know how to keep the little ones creatively engaged. And don’t forget to give them some serious responsibilities like lighting the diyas and offering sweets to everyone.

Do share your Diwali photos with us and tell us how are you creating memories this year.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and sparkling Diwali from ParentPal!


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