Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

We just got done with Diwali and Halloween is right around the corner! This week has all the parents on their toes! When I grew up, I had no clue about Halloween. But in this time and age, can you possibly avoid a festival that involves children getting candies and treats?

I tried my best to make this holiday as serious as I could with my talk on how Halloween is celebrated on the eve of All Saints Day, traditionally people believe that the spirits of the dead come to life on Halloween to harm people and crops, that’s why people wear costumes of monsters and ghosts to scare the harmful spirits; but the kids were least interested in the history and preferred making their own scary monsters!

Our house is currently full of ‘monster drawings’ – ogres with three heads and long teeth, monsters with multiple eyes, beasts with no head, the list goes on. They can spend hours sitting and drawing various kinds of monsters! Try this with your kids – tell them to draw their versions of monsters, if needed, give them a few ideas and I assure you, they will be happily engaged for hours.

When they are done with drawings, here are some easy activities to do together as a family:

1. Toilet paper tube and bandage ‘Mummy’ – Take a few empty toilet paper tubes. Get the kids to paint them black. Now, stick two googly eyes on the tubes and wrap the tube using bandage! That’s it! Your scary ‘Mummies’ are ready. Here is how the final work would look:

Step by step instructions here.  

2. Q-tip skeletons – Take a few Q-tips. Cut them in shapes to resemble bones and stick them on to black craft paper. Arrange the Q-tips to look like a human skeleton. Draw a head with black blobs for eyes, a triangular black nose and some scary teeth! That’s it! Easy isn’t it? Here is how it would look:

Step by step instructions here.

3. Floating ghosts – Take an empty Kinder Joy cover (I used a few old Easter Eggs that were lying at home. Cover them with a white coffee filter or a dry make-up wipe. Glue this white cover on the eggs/balls so that it stays in place. Stick two googly eyes and black oval paper cut-out to make a mouth! Lastly, glue a black thread at the back of your freshly minted ghost and hang them around the house. Let the scary times begin!

Doesn’t this sound super-duper fun? Tell me if you’ve tried any of these activities.

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Happy Halloween 🙂


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