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Good Screen Time for Kids

Earlier this week we took a short flight out of the city. As always, we were the last ones to enter the plane. As ...
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Secrets, Trust and Children

Early this morning my 7-year-old declared loudly, “Mumma, when we (she and her 4-year-old sister) get our own iPad, we will have our own password for ...
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One more tree

Every day before sleeping, our kids say a little prayer – this ritual covers variety of requests like speedy recovery from a little cut ...

Empathy in children

This morning after the drop-off at school, I saw a little kid running around in circles, he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Suddenly, he lost his balance ...
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Tricks for a fun indoor rainy day

Hello again.  We just got back from a holiday. In typical “mommy style”, I'd planned every activity for each vacation day. Nature, however, had a different plan, and ...